What we are doing?

Using the knowledge, skills, experience and equipment we have, we can design and manufacture a product from start to finish under the same roof. Thus, the best design emerges in less time. In this way, you do not have to build bridges between different companies, you are not affected by conflicts between companies and you minimize your project management costs. What’s more, we always deliver more than you expect, by understanding your ideas and priorities and adding them to it. Our aim is to help you make a difference in your market, to make you stand out, to maximize your performance while saving on labor, time and cost.

Electronic Design

We are a service provider specializing in electronic design. We provide our customers with customized electronic design solutions in accordance with the needs of their products. With our expert engineer staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are constantly working on development and innovation to meet the expectations of our customers. We can design in many fields such as embedded systems, analog circuits, power electronics, communication systems, audio and video processing systems.

Electronic Production

We produce the electronic cards we design by using our PCB production, SMT assembly and THT assembly facilities. We produce reliable cards by choosing high quality electronic components suitable for the area of use. We check the accuracy of all products with our test systems and record them with our traceability systems. We guarantee to produce error-free cards with our expert technical team and modern production processes.

Product Design

We provide a product development service that specializes in the design and development of customized products to suit our customers’ needs. With our services covering electronic, mechanical and software designs, we offer innovative solutions to our customers in product design and development. We manage the entire process from idea to product by undertaking the design, modeling, prototyping and preparation for mass production from start to finish.

Cable Solutions

Our company, which provides cable grouping services and harness production services, produces high quality and customized solutions. We meet their special needs by grouping cables produced in accordance with industry standards, designing special harnesses, considering operating voltages, temperature ranges and other features. We offer cable bundling and harness manufacturing services for many industries, including the electrical, electronics, automotive, medical devices and defense industries.

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