Who are we ?

We are a creative company made up of experts who are experienced in product design and enjoy working together. Our goal is to turn great ideas into real products. We have been doing this job with pleasure since “Friday 19.07.2013” and we are constantly expanding our design portfolio. We have brought many ideas to life with the determination of the electronics engineers, software developers and 3D design experts in our staff. We have an extraordinary design team that enables the works we start with pencil sketches to turn into tangible products after a while. We are sure you will enjoy working with us and be impressed by our energy in developing good products.


What are we doing?

We design products that contain elements such as electronics, mechanics and software from scratch, regardless of sector and scale. Or, we develop your existing products in terms of low cost, efficiency, functionality, aesthetics, ease of production and modernize them in accordance with the current trend. In addition, thanks to our experience in production technologies, equipment and domestic / foreign partner companies, we also provide production support in the desired volume.


How We Do?

While designing products, we have some general criteria that we try to comply with in every design, as well as technical details. In our opinion, a good design should meet the following conditions. Different, aesthetic, functional, simple, durable, economical, smart, easy to produce, environmentally friendly and sustainable. If we have a design that meets these conditions, we start the modeling and prototyping processes. If the prototypes do not give the desired result, we do not get bored of making revisions many times and we never give up.

The most important rule in the design process is to understand the idea well and to fully understand the customer demands. As we avoid boggling our customers with unnecessary questions about the product, we prefer to do the necessary research ourselves after a few basic key questions. Thus, we can have a wider perspective and can make world-class designs. The main difference that distinguishes us from other companies is that all the experts required for product design can work simultaneously and harmoniously within the same staff.


M. Tankut KURUL



General Manager


Projects Director


European Marketing Director

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