Electronic Design Examples

We have electronic cards that work in thousands of devices in different parts of the world and meet different needs. We use many elements of analog and digital electronics in these cards, which we have developed according to customer demands. We aim to provide cost and performance advantages by choosing the most suitable components according to the needs in our designs. Thanks to our partner relationships with many electronic component manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, we can access the material very quickly and at affordable prices. You can see some examples of our designs below.

Central Clock Control Unit Design

Wireless RGB Warning Lamp Design

LED Marquee Panel Design & Production

Alarm System Design & Production

RFID Reader Module Design

Analog Clock Control Board Design

Fermentation Device Design & Production

Marquee Control Card Design & Production

Wired Paging System Design

RS485 – RF 433 MHz Modem Design

Encrypted Access Control Sys. Design & Production

Alarm Siren Design & Production

Solid Fuel Boiler Control Board Design

RS485 Addressable, Notification Lamp Design & Production

16 Channel I/O Module Design & Production

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