Electronic Production

We can produce electronic cards and devices that we have designed or that are not designed by us, in desired quantities, in series and pre-series conditions. We can carry out all processes from material supply to PCB production, from soldering to assembly. We have SMT String, THT String and Manual soldering facilities. We verify every card we produce by passing it through 100% eye control and electrical tests.

In order to keep our efficiency and product quality high, we use production planning and traceability software at every stage of production. By recording all production processes, we can access historical production data. We develop our production team with regular trainings and prevent mistakes by documenting production processes.

We create a serial number record for each product that comes out of production and mark the products with unique labels. With these serial numbers, we can easily access the production history data.

Our Production Capabilities:

  • Single sided / Multilayer / Aluminum PCB Manufacturing
  • THT Component Array
  • SMD Component Array
  • Manual Component Soldering
  • Programming and Testing Procedures
  • Assembly, Boxing and Packaging Operations
  • PVC Label, Membrane Keypad
  • Screen Printing, Laser Marking, CNC Router
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