How we work?

We can carry out all processes starting from the idea stage to production. By designing everything together, from the outer appearance of the product to the electronic equipment inside, we achieve the perfect harmony. Thus, we ensure the emergence of products that can be produced more easily, with low cost and high performance, and in this way, we save our customers from wasting time between many different companies.

By holding multiple meetings with the project owners, we try to understand their ideas and the product they want to have. We analyze the expectations and goals of the customer and determine the scope of the project. Accordingly, we prepare a roadmap, project schedule and approximate cost study.


We conduct a detailed research in order to get to know the desired product better and to have information about the features of its domestic/foreign counterparts, if any. Within the scope of this research, we collect samples from equivalent products or try to access their technical information. Thus, we will provide a competitive advantage to the product we will design in terms of visual, functional or economic aspects.


After bringing together the demands we received from the customer and the data we obtained as a result of market research, we determine all the technical features, design processes, necessary technical personnel and equipment needs of the product we will design. After submitting this information in writing to our customer’s approval, we start the actual design process.


It is the stage where the first sketches and visual designs are made in accordance with the features specified in the project definition, ideas are developed and the best methods are determined. At this stage, we prepare many visual design examples and present them to the customer’s opinion. We continue the design by taking the necessary revision notes according to the demands.


In order to observe the user experience, we make scale models of the product with the appropriate materials. At this stage, the product designed on paper becomes tangible for the first time and attains its 3D form. We collect the necessary data for modeling by performing visual and functional tests on the model.


We prepare the integrated design of the product by using solid modeling technologies on the computer. At this stage, all parts of the product (electronic & mechanical) are modeled to work together. The most suitable 3D model for mass production is prepared in accordance with CAD / CAM technologies and the final product image is created.


It is necessary to make a prototype of the product in order to detect possible errors and take early measures before mass production. Different and economical technologies are available for making prototypes of all electronic and mechanical parts that make up the product. Using these methods, we prepare a small number of working product samples for testing purposes.


In order to see the assembly errors and difficulties that may be encountered during mass production, we assemble the prototype materials produced for the first time. We finalize the product design by making the necessary design revisions according to the results of the tests and controls. After functional controls and durability tests, the product is now suitable for mass production.


We prepare production files and recipes in accordance with international standards so that the product can be produced without errors and the dependency on the manufacturer is eliminated. In these files, all projects, material lists, software codes and know-how required for the mass production of any competent company are delivered to the customer in digital and printed media.


If the customer requests support in production, we can produce the desired amount of electronic and mechanical equipment by using the possibilities of our company and our partners. We can provide delivery as finished product after testing and checking.



 Reverse Engineering :  A device, object or system; It is the process of discovering its structure, function, or working through an inferential reasoning analysis. (Machine or mechanical tool, electronic component, software, etc.) It includes the disassembly and detailed analysis of the working principles. In many countries, even if a work of art or a process is protected by trade secrets, reverse engineering can only be done if obtained legally.

Needs and Benefits:
 Reproduction of products whose manufacturer support has disappeared
 Redesigning products with design registration abroad for localization
 Development and innovation of previously manufactured products
 Reproduction of device spare parts that cannot be supplied


Electronic Production: We can manufacture electronic cards and devices that we have designed or that we do not own. We can manage or carry out all processes from material supply to PCB production, from soldering to boxing. Thanks to our increasing experience and operational ability in the manufacture of each new product, we can deliver the most defect-free products in the shortest time possible. We can also follow the production processes for you that we cannot realize with the possibilities within the company or which may be more economical with the production possibilities abroad.

Our Production Capabilities:
 Single sided / Multilayer / Aluminum PCB Manufacturing
 THT Component Array
 SMD Component Array
 Manual Component Soldering
 Programming and Testing Procedures
 Assembly, Boxing and Packaging Operations

Mechanical design is one of the most important disciplines, especially in industry and engineering. Good design is essential to improve the quality and performance of any product. That’s why working with a professional team during the design phase is important to ensure your products meet high quality standards.

We manufacture customized parts designed for our customers’ specific needs. Using our mechanical design skills and 3D programs, we can improve the quality and efficiency of your products. We can also make different renderings, animations and mechanical simulations using 3D programs. This helps our customers better understand the design and performance of their products.

In prototype processes, we use machines such as 3D printers to produce customized parts to suit our customers’ needs. In this way, we help our customers get their products into production faster by showing them how the design will look in real life.

Our design process is done taking into account the specific demands of our customers. We produce customized parts for our customers, taking into account the cost and time frame of the design.


We provide professional project consultancy services for the design and production of products containing electronic and mechanical systems. We aim to provide the best service at every stage by offering the highest quality and innovative solutions to our customers.

Our expert team provides consultancy services at every stage from the design to production of products containing electronic and mechanical systems specially designed for the purpose. While we develop products to meet project needs, we also redesign existing products to make them more efficient and innovative.

By ensuring that electronic and mechanical systems work in harmony, we offer our customers integrated design ideas and production methods. Within the scope of our project consultancy service, we manage our customers’ projects and provide support in terms of budget and scheduling.

Our company offers the most modern and innovative solutions by constantly working to have up-to-date information about the latest technology and design trends.


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