Fruit Press Control Card


Fruit press control card is designed to control 3 different types of machines such as automatic fruit press, hydraulic pomegranate fruit press and automatic fruit press machine with tap on a common card by using different cable groups with processor design. When the control card is energized for the first time, it checks the cable connection and adjusts itself to work in accordance with the preferred machine. The software developed for the card is common, the cable connection types are different. There are 2 motor or piston outputs and 3 status lamp outputs on the control card. The lamp output voltages of the card can be changed according to need. Since the control card works with mains voltage, there is no need for a separate power supply. It is protected by an insulated box resistant to liquid contact. With our expert team and our experience in this field, it also offers revisions, updates, development and customization opportunities according to your needs, according to current technologies.

Fields of Application

  • Hydraulic Pomegranate Fruit Press
  • Automatic Fruit Press
  • Automatic Fruit Press with Tap
  • New Technology Fruit Presses


Main Features

  • Universal control card (One solution for different machines)
  • 4 x isolated inputs (Cover Switch, Thermal Switch, Start/Stop Button)
  • 2 x Relay Motor/Valve outputs
  • 3 x relay status lamp outputs
  • Customizable cable assembly
  • Run schedule settings
  • Cover open safety
  • MCU based control card
  • Plastic box suitable for IP65 protection class
  • Sound notification (buzzer) for fault, malfunction situations


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 230VAC~ 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤ 3W
Fuse 500mA Delay
Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Timing Working time (piston active) potentiometer

Dwell time (piston passive) potentiometer

Connections 4.20mm Pitch Molex Mini-Fit, 20pin (2×10), Male
Electrical Values Motor / Valve Outputs: 230VAC / 8A

Status Lamp Outputs: 230VAC / 4A

Signal Inputs: 12VDC (Internal)



Standards and Regulations

EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-4-2/4/5/6/8/9/11

IPC-2221, IPC-SM-840 RoHS

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