Smart Seat Controller


It is the module that controls the electronic equipment added for passenger comfort in bus seats. It accommodates many hardware controls in a small volume. All seats can communicate among themselves with CANBUS network. It can control equipment on the seat such as heating, cooling, massage, reading lamp, passenger presence sensor, seat belt, wired charger, wireless charger. It comes with a keypad as a control panel. It can receive commands through the Master Panel to which it is connected and its authorizations can be adjusted. In this way, the equipment on the seat can be controlled with the mobile

Fields of Application

  • Bus Seats, Minibus, VIP Car Seats
  • Caravan Seats
  • Cinema Seats
  • Modern Furniture Industry


Main Features

  • Can operate in a wide voltage band
  • Software can be updated via CANBUS line
  • Software can be updated via USB connection
  • Each device has its own unique ID number
  • Protects connected equipment from electrical influences
  • Controllable via keypad and mobile app
  • Insulated and durable aluminum box

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 9-28 VDC (max. 32VDC)
Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Connections Energy: CON.T.B.4.20MM, 2P, MALE

Equipments: CON.T.B.4.20MM, MALE

CANBUS: M12, 4P, Male/Female Connector

Program: USB Mini B

Electrical Values Nominal Input Voltage: 24-28VDC

Heater: 12/24VDC, 30W Max.

Reading Lamp: 12/24VDC, 10W Max.

Charging: 24VDC, 20W Max.

Protection Functions (OCP) Overcurrent protection

(OTP) Over temperature protection

(RVP) Reverse connection protection

(SCP) Short circuit protection

(OVP) Overvoltage protection


Standards and Regulations

CE, ECE R118-3, ECE R10

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