Fuel Tank Float Swıtch PCB


It is used in linear float systems that measure the level in automotive fuel tanks. It shows resistance at different values according to the fuel level. PCB length, resistance values and number of stages can be customized upon request. Automotive series low tolerance SMD resistors are selected. Oxidation and wear are prevented with gold plated PCB surface. Signal cable and socket can be selected in desired length.

Fields of Application

  • Automobile fuel tanks
  • Construction equipment and tractor fuel tanks
  • Level measurement in oil tanks
  • Liquid level death systems


Main Features

  • Gold-plated, smooth surface PCB
  • High precision resistance output
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Selection of the desired length of signal cable and socket
  • Design according to the desired number of stages
  • Resistance output in the desired range


Technicial Specifications

Supply Voltage 12V DC
Storage Temperature -40°C … +120°C
Operating Temperature -20°C … +60°C
Material FR4, 1.6mm, 35µM, 2 Layer, ENAG
Resistance Value 1Ω … 1KΩ ± %1
Signal Current 20mA @12V
Dimensions 1.6mm (T), 12mm (W), Adjustable (L)
Accessories Connection Cable with Socket (Length and Socket Optional)


Standards and Regulations


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