Embed Wireless Charger


Wireless charging technology enables users to easily place and pick up their phones for charging, making it a smart and convenient charging option for our phones and other devices. This effortless way helps us move from the world of cables and wires to the world of wireless possibilities.

You can use embedded type chargers in all kinds of furniture and items. Moreover, embedded type chargers do not take up space and do not create visual clutter. A product can make any furniture more functional and add a new feature without sacrificing visual appeal.

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Fields of Application

  • Desks
  • Meeting tables
  • Café/restaurant tables
  • Coffee tables, bedside tables, dressers
  • Home/office furniture
  • Other non-metallic surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, marble


Main Features

  • Eliminates cable clutter.
  • Takes up no space and creates no visual clutter.
  • Provides easy use and protects the phone charging port.
  • Embedded type chargers can be easily mounted without screws due to their three-pronged structure.
  • Easily connected to power with its USB socket and extendable cable.
  • Does not create any bulges on the surface, so it does not narrow down the usage area.


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 5V / 1.8A
Output Power 5W
Power Transfer Efficiency %75
Wireless Charging Distance 5mm
Technical Dimensions Outer Diameter: 75Ø

Height: 10mm

Cable Type USB Type A / Open-ended cable
Cable Length Standard 20 cm (Can be customized upon request)
Safety Overcurrent Protection

High Voltage Protection

Thermal Protection

Reverse Voltage Protection

Foreign Object Detection


Standards and Regulations

CE, Qi Certificate

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