RF Temperature Sensor


It is a device that measures the temperature of the environment with high precision and transmits it to a gateway or boiler control unit via wireless connection. Each device is born with a different ID number and can be easily paired with the gateway. Different functions can be programmed with the button on it. If it is to be connected to the boiler system, it can be selected which device will be the administrator. Or it can operate according to the average temperature measured by all devices in the system. Thanks to its low power consuming hardware and economical software algorithm, it can operate for a long time without the need for battery replacement. RF433 Mhz or ZigBee protocol can be used for wireless connection

Main Features

  • Wireless communication with the boiler
  • Active sensor or average temperature selection
  • Multi-function button and notification LED
  • Multi-device connectivity with Unique ID technology
  • 1°C temperature measurement and control accuracy
  • Average battery life of 2 years
  • Stylish plastic box with wall hanging


Fields of Application

  • Heating systems with boiler
  • Central heating systems
  • Central cooling systems
  • IOT systems for measuring and monitoring ambient temperature


Technical Specifications

Battery 14250 ½AA (3.6V, 1200mAh, Li-ScO2)
Storage Temperature -10°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature 0°C … +60°C
Communication Standard: RF 434Mhz FSK

Optional: ZigBee

Notifications Battery Low, Connection Error, Admin Sensor Select, Average Temperature Select, Sensor On/Off
Accessories Wireless, OT, WiFi Gateway Module (Embedded Board)


Standards and Regulations

EN 60335, EN 55014, EN 55032

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