Marin Glass Heater Control Unit



It is a control device designed to prevent icing of ship windows. It activates the glass heater resistances in case the temperature drops below the set temperature. It can control large power heaters with its high-power outputs. Safety systems and alarm notifications are available for malfunctions and adverse situations. It is enclosed in a durable and insulated box suitable for marine conditions

Fields of Application

  • Boat glass heaters
  • Constant temperature control systems
  • Temperature alarm and prevention systems

Main Features

  • 4-digit 7 segment Display
  • PVC keypad
  • Precise temperature measurement with external NTC connection
  • Display set and actual temperature
  • Display power and heating status
  • On/off and temperature switching functions
  • Program menu for setting operating modes
  • Audible and visual fault status notification
  • IP65 insulated plastic box


Technicial Specifications

Supply Voltage 230V~ 50Hz (Optional 440VAC)
Protection High Voltage Protection

Built-in Auto Fuse

Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Output Power 20A @240VAC (Relay)
Connections Energy: TERM.BLK. 9.52mm 2P (4.0~0.25mm²)

Heater TERM.BLK. 9.52mm 2P (4.0~0.25mm²)

NTC: TERM.BLK. 5.08mm 3P (1.5~0.25mm²)

Safety Features ·       Resistance Fault Detection

·       NTC Fault Detection

·       Over Temperature Alarm

·       Memory Malfunction

Accessories NTC Temperature Sensor


Standards and Regulations


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