Led Headlight Driver Circuit


It is the circuit that drives the LED headlight bulbs used in automobiles and controls the cooling fan. It adjusts the current level required for the headlight bulb. By balancing the variable input voltage, it ensures efficient and long-lasting operation of the bulb. It is designed to be small in size and suitable for thermal conditions. Circuit design and dimensions can be adjusted according to the application area.

Fields of Application

  • Automobile LED Headlight bulbs
  • High power constant current LED lighting
  • LED floodlights


Main Features

  • Balanced current stabilization
  • Cooling fan output
  • Design without electromagnetic noise
  • Small size PCB design
  • Thermal resistant design


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 12…24V DC (Maks. 30VDC)
Storage Temperature -40°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -40°C … +60°C
Electrical Values 2A Constant Current @9V LED Output

12VDC / 30mA Fan Output

Connections Cable Solder Pads
Protection Functions Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Short circuit protection

Reverse Polarization Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Standards and Regulations


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