Wind Turbine Charge Controller


A charge controller is an electrical device that connects to a system between a wind turbine and a battery-based electricity storage system. It constantly monitors the voltage level of your battery to make sure it does not exceed dangerous levels. If the voltage gets too high, the charge controller dissipates the excess electricity by sending it to a ‘discharge’ component (such as a heating element). This ensures that your batteries are not damaged when charging them with your wind turbine.

Fields of Application

  • Low power domestic wind turbines
  • Vertical and axial wind turbines
  • 3 phase alternator charging systems


Main Features

  • 3 Phase Alternator connection
  • Voltmeter indicator connection
  • Ammeter indicator connection
  • Charging limit up to 70VAC input
  • Automatic alternator braking at high voltage input
  • Battery charging voltage adjustment
  • On/Off switch connection and status notification LED
  • Rectification and charging up to 2kW power


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 70VAC (120VAC Maks)
Charging Voltage 12-24VDC
Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Charging Capacity 2kW
Connections Energy, Brake, Battery, Volt / Ampere Indicator Connections: 6.2×0.8mm FASTON


Other Connections: Connector 2.54mm 2P/3P 180C Male

Security and Protection High Input Voltage Protection

Manual and Auto Braking for Strong Winds

Over Charge Current Protection

Accessories Voltmeter and Ammeter Connection

Limit Voltage setting

Output Voltage Selection

Braking Loads

Standards and Regulations


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