LNG-LPG Heater Control System


The Natural Gas Heater Control System is designed for regional or device-based controls by communicating with multiple devices on the local network simultaneously. The user interface tracks real-time error status, burner stages, and ambient temperatures. The Natural Gas Heater Control System provides secure data exchange with devices through TCP-IP communication protocol. It can send or receive commands to or from multiple devices in the area, enabling simultaneous access to multiple devices and regions. By defining regions, a weekly program can be set for multiple devices, thus preventing energy waste and increasing efficiency. The operating parameters of network-connected devices can be read or changed remotely, minimizing the need for on-site service. The user interface is touch screen-supported and user-friendly, ensuring that data is securely stored even in the event of a power outage. Status logs and operating settings are stored in an MS SQL database. The system also allows access to devices from multiple PCs. Access is secured through user authorizations. Since data connection between devices is established using CAT6 cables with the TCP-IP protocol, installation and maintenance can be easily provided by IT personnel. Unlike traditional methods, it is possible to connect an unlimited number of devices to each other with minimal cable and without distance limitation.

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Fields of Application

  • Natural Gas Heaters (Ceramic Radiant, Tube Radiant, Hot Air Generator)
  • Natural Gas Ignition Control Systems
  • Burner Control Modules


Main Features

  • Region definition function
  • Device definition function for regions
  • Control possibility for all regions, single regions, or devices
  • Creation of weekly and hourly programs
  • Real-time display of device statuses (operating mode, error status, etc.)
  • Ability to read and write parameters to devices
  • Reading ambient temperatures from temperature sensors on devices
  • Displaying device model and version information
  • Touchscreen user interface with large screen
  • Unlimited device connection capability
  • Remote access with online connection


Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage 230V~ 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤ 60W
Storage Temperature -20°C … +70°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Connections TCP/IP, RJ45 Ethernet Connection


Alarm Statuses Control Card Error Statuses,

Hardware Error Control

Timing Weekly / Daily / Hourly Plan Creation
Display 8” TFT, 1024×768, Capacitive Touchscreen
Protection Functions IP65
Data Storage MS SQL Database
Equipment Network Switch

Standards and Regulations


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