Wireless Temperature Sensor


The sensor device is designed for general purpose temperature measurement, monitoring, and data collection systems. It is a compact, wireless data transmitting device that can be used in industrial conditions. With its internal battery, it can operate for a long time without requiring battery replacement. Thanks to its addressable wireless communication protocol, multiple devices can communicate with a Gateway in the same environment without data collisions or losses. There is a Button and notification LED on the device to pair it with the Gateway. It can communicate up to approximately 100m in an indoor environment. It can also transmit the internal battery level along with temperature data to notify when maintenance is needed. The device can be easily attached to metal surfaces with its magnetic box, eliminating the need for additional mounting. With our expert team and experience in the field, we offer design updates, development, and customization options according to your needs.

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Fields of Application

  • Temperature monitoring of commercial refrigerators
  • Temperature monitoring of vaccine/medicine refrigerators
  • Temperature monitoring of fridges
  • Industrial temperature measurement applications
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature difference monitoring systems
  • Two-zone temperature difference testing systems
  • Temperature observation systems for laboratory use


Main Features

  • Two-channel temperature sensor (10K NTC) can be connected
  • Requires battery replacement every 6 months on average
  • Button and LED for pairing functions
  • Can transmit wireless data
  • ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • Neodymium magnet for easy mounting


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 9V Battery (6LR61), 200mAh
Power Consumption ≤ 30mA (On Transmit)

≤ 100µA (On Stand By)

Temperature Detection 2 Channels x NTC 10K @25°
Storage Temperature -20°C … +70°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Protection Class IP 64
Connections Antenna: SMA Connector

NTC 1&2: Terminal Block 5.08mm, 2P, 90C, Male

Energy: 9V Battery Clip Connector

Communication Frequency: 434Mhz

Power: 15dBm

Modulation: FSK

Mode: Half Duplex


Standards and Regulations


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