Electric Heater Control Set


This is a control card designed for electric heaters. It can be controlled via an IR remote control and 2 buttons located on the card. It can handle a resistive output power between 2…4kW and controls the thermal power distribution. It efficiently controls 5 levels of combustion. The electric heater card can be operated with one of three different time setting options. It automatically shuts off after the selected time, providing more economical use. With our expert team and experience in this field, we also offer updating, developing, and customizing opportunities in design according to your needs.

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Fields of Application

  • Electric Infrared Heaters
  • Electric Radiator Heaters
  • Electric Quartz Heaters
  • Electric Panel Convector Heaters
  • Electric Towel Radiators
  • Electric Foot Warmers


Main Features

  • 2…4kW output power
  • 5-level heat adjustment control
  • Timer setting
  • 2-digit LED display
  • IR remote control support
  • Protection function with tilt sensor and warning sound


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 230V~ 50Hz
Power Consumption Stand-By: 25W

Level 1: 1.400W

Level 2: 1.900W

Level 3: 2.400W

Level 4: 2.900W

Level 5: 3.400W

Fuse On-Board SMD Fuse
Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Connections Energy, Resistance and Triac Connections: 6.2×0.8mm FASTON Terminal
Electrical Values 40A/600V (Requires Cooling Connection)

Max Resistance Power: 4kW

Timer Settings 15 min, 30 min, 60 min (3 options)
Display 2-Digit, 7 Segment, LED Display
Control IR Remote Control

On-Board, 2 Control Buttons

Protection Functions Tilt Sensor, 15° Tilt

Tilt Warning Sound (Buzzer)

Tilt Energy Cut-off


Standards and Regulations

EN 60335

EN 60240

EN 55014

EN 55032

EN 55024

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