Combi Boiler OpenTherm / WiFi Module


It is an electronic module that supports OpenTherm communication protocol and makes heating products, especially combi boilers, remotely manageable. By communicating with the boiler via OpenTherm, it can change settings, read error messages, update and control operating parameters. It has internet access using MQTT protocol with WiFi connection. In this way, the boiler can be controlled with mobile application integration. Since it is a hardware that can be added to the boiler during the production phase, it can be used to make the boilers produced smart.

Fields of Application

  • OpenTherm Connected Combi Boilers
  • OpenTherm Connected Boiler Systems
  • OpenTherm Connected Heating Systems


Main Features

  • Universal OpenTherm protocol support
  • Built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) and internal battery
  • Defining weekly schedule
  • Mobile app integration with WiFi internet access
  • Automatic time/date update via internet
  • USB connection port
  • WiFi connection setting button
  • Status notification LED
  • OTA (Remote Software Update)


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 230V~ 50Hz (Combi Boiler Module)
Protection High Voltage Protection

Built-in Auto Fuse

Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating Temperature -10°C … +60°C
Connections Energy Input: Term. Blk. 5.08mm 2P

Boiler Connection: Term. Blk. 3.81mm 4P Male

USB Connection: Micro USB

Communication WiFi: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 2.4GHz

Combi Boiler: OpenTherm

Accessories Energy Input and OpenTherm Communication Cables

Mobile Application

Cloud Server Software


Standards and Regulations

EN 60335, EN 55014, EN 55032

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