Product Design

When designing a product, it is very important to use electronic, mechanical and software components together. Electronic components control the functions of the device while mechanical components provide the physical structure of the device. Software components manage the device’s operating system and user interface. The combined use of these three components allows the design of highly functional and user-friendly products. In the design process, the role and interaction of each component must be considered and properly integrated.


Concept Phase

The first stage of the product design process is the stage where the general concept of the product is determined. At this stage, the design team tries to identify the product’s goals, user needs, and requirements. Using resources such as market research and customer feedback, the design team works to design an ideal product for its target customer base.


Design Phase

The design team carries out the design of the product in line with the requirements and objectives determined at the concept stage. At this stage, a detailed planning is made so that both the mechanical and electronic components are compatible with each other. The design team completes the design using CAD (computer aided design) software to prototype the product.


Prototype Phase

After the completion of the design phase, the prototype phase is started. At this stage, the design team creates a physical prototype of the product they are designing. At this stage, all of the mechanical components are fabricated and the electronic components are also put together. Creating this prototype gives the design team an opportunity to detect and correct potential errors in their design.


Test Phase

After the prototype is created, the testing phase begins. At this stage, the mechanical, electronic and software components of the product are brought together and tested. The testing phase is critical to confirm that all functions of the product are working properly. If a problem is detected, the design team returns to correct the design and fix the problem.


Production Phase

After the testing phase, it moves to the production phase. At this stage, each component of the product is produced and assembled by the manufacturers. The production stage is the final stage to make the product ready for mass production.

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