Where does the name MYSIA come from?

Where does the name MYSIA come from?

Today, the whole of Balıkesir, the northern parts of Manisa and İzmir provinces, and the west of Kütahya province. The eastern border is determined by Mount Olymphos (Uludağ), the southern and western borders by Bakırçay (Kaikos), the northern border by Gönen Stream (Aisepos) and Orhaneli Stream (Rhyndakos).

The region got its name from Mysler, a Thracian tribe. BC to the region. They were settled in the 13th century. They were considered brothers with the Carians and Lydians.

Strabon, who is considered the first geographer of the earth, said, “Mysia means beech tree. It is abundant in Uludag.” says.

Due to their religion, they avoided eating anything alive and ate a lot of honey, milk and cheese.

They had great reputations as mercenaries. They even took part in the Egyptian army.

The black gum obtained from its forests was the best quality of its time. Turpentine oil used for medicinal purposes, quadrant trees in the region were grown in this region. It was a region rich in copper, silver and gold. The name of the town of Argyra in this region means silver. The island of Prokonnesos (Marmara) was famous for its white marbles and Cyzicus oysters. Perfume was made from a variety of grapes.

Important MYSIA Ancient Cities
– ALLIANOI, between Paşailicası-Bergama-İvrindi
– DASKYLEION, Ergili K.(2km.)-Manyas Lake
– KYZIKOS, Tatlisu K. Erdek

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