Electric Fireplace Control Set


It is designed for decorative electric fireplace systems that heat with resistance and fan. It can control the motorized system that creates flame visuals with LED lights and moving reflectors. It can create different intensity flame effects by changing the color and intensity of the LEDs. With the IR control, On/Off, Sound on/off, dimmer and heating step functions can be controlled. It is also possible to control its functions with an external keypad. It can produce wood burning sound thanks to its integrated audio player and speaker set.

Fields of Application

  • Electric Fireplace Systems
  • Decorative Electric Heaters

Main Features

  • IR remote control
  • Button keypad with LED notification
  • Key tone responses with onboard Buzzer
  • RGB + White, brightness controlled, flame LED output
  • LED voltage limit setting (on-board potentiometer)
  • 2 step relay resistance output
  • Heating Fan control
  • Burning sound with external speaker


Technical Specifications

Supply voltage 230V~ 50Hz
Power consumption ≤ 3W
Fuse Integrated 10A Glass Fuse
Storage Temperature -20°C … +80°C
Operating temperature -10°C … +60°C
Connections Energy, Resistance, Fan and Motor Connections: 6.2×0.8mm FASTON Terminal Keypad Connection: Connector 2.00mm 8P 180C Male Micro Latch

RGB LED, White LED: Terminal Block 5.08mm 4P + 2P

Speaker Connection: Connector 2.00mm 2P 180C Male Micro Latch

Electrical Values Resistance: 900W + 900W (1800W)

Speaker: 0.5W, 8R

LEDs: 12V/2A, 12V/1A

Accessories IR Controller, Plastic Boxed Keypad, Connection Cable, Speaker set
Protection Functions Keypad IP65 (Front surface)

Resistance Overload Protection

High Voltage Protection

Standards and Regulations

EN 60335, EN 60240, EN 55014, EN 55032, EN 55024

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